Genest MacGillivray Psychologists provide a wide range of counselling, therapy, and assessment services. To learn more, please visit our Services page. If you would like to book an appointment with us, please go to our appointments page link needed and complete our online form, or email us, or call us at 492-2546.

Below are links to therapy providers, and lists of therapy providers, across North America. This list is sorted by area. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to be listed below, please email us.

We highly suggest that before booking with a therapist, you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about therapy.

Therapists in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Genest MacGillivray Psychologists

Personal Therapy: Adult, Couple, Adolescent, Children, Sexual, Trauma and Emergency Intervention, Workshops, Rehabilitation

Corporate Services: Legal and Insurance Assessments, Emergency Workplace Intervention, Workshops. For more information, visit our Services Page

Therapists in Nova Scotia

Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia

Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia
A paid subscription listing (like the yellow pages) of psychologists in Nova Scotia, searchable by area of interest, alphabetical, orientation, population, language and assessment services.

Therapists in the rest of Canada

Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
A directory of psychologists meeting the only national standard for psychologists across Canada. Search-able by name, location, and area of expertise.

Canadian Psychological Association
The CPA has an excellent page with free and unsubscribed information about finding psychologists in Canada.

Therapists in the US

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
An exceptionally well organised database of US therapists available to the general public for free in return for an email address. There are a few hoops to jump through, but once into the secure area, the database is searchable by area of expertise, theoretical orientation, group targeted, hospital membership, geographical location and several other variables.

Association for Advancement of Behaviour Therapy
AABT is a not-for-profit membership organization of mental health professionals who use the behavioural (including cognitive behavioural) therapies to treat various mental health problems. Some of AABT’s members are also involved in research and education.

Find a Therapist
A very large subscription (for profit) database for the US and the rest of the world. International listings are not particularly well organized, but all listings are search-able with a variety of keywords that are therapist-designated.

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