Legal/ Forensic Assessments

Assessments help establish the extent of and limits to disability, PTSD or other legal claims. Our independent assessments (often referred to as IMEs) can document psychological injuries that are found, or help rule out psychological problems.

  • Thorough, knowledgeable assessments are germane in validating or challenging the validity of many disability claims and decisions.
  • Competent, authoritative, clear and readily comprehensible, expert psychological testimony can be critical in establishing the basis for legal claims or defence in court.
  • Assessments are advantageous for both individuals and legal counsel making claims, as well as agencies and legal counsel against whom claims are being made.
  • Assessments are fundamental to making sound judgments and changes in workplaces.
  • Validity and Malingering are examined with standardized instruments to assess and provide evidence concerning the legitimacy of claims.

Dr. Myles Genest and Dr. Richard MacGillivray are expert in assessments for insurers and the courts and have been qualified by Nova Scotia and other courts.

Please see Dr. Genest’s bio and the link there to his CV, for his related background, training and experience in legal cases.

Following is a  court’s recent decision confirming the expertise of psychologists to provide opinion concerning mental health issues:  Court-Decision-re-Expertise-of-Psychologists.

For information on the journal, Psychological Injury and Law, click here.