We offer workshops tailored to our clients’ needs. We also have pre-developed workshops in the areas of stress management and life-workplace balance.


Corporate and Organizational Workshops



  • 1-hour keynote talk or seminar during conference or longer meeting
  • 1/2-day workshop
  • full-day workshop


A seminar or workshop to suit your needs is presented, including topics from among the following:

  • assessment of stress levels
  • sources and effects of stress
  • managing burnout potential in an organisation
  • time-management strategies and “time-leaks”
  • how to be miserable — or not
  • managing change
  • facing the worst and managing the reality
  • handling uncertainty
  • what can be changed and what can’t
  • the source of all misery: Thoughts and how to change them
  • a primer in positive thinking
  • improving communication skills
  • conflict — threat or challenge?
  • how to play

Achieving a Balance

“On any given day, 16-20% of the workforce does not show up for work.”

This popular, 2-hour workshop has been presented to executives, managers, and front-line staff. It combines current research knowledge of employee satisfaction and productivity with practical advice on managing the incremental demands of a competitive marketplace. Interactive, and participatory, the following topics are included:

  • indicators of burnout potential
  • what is “balance”?
  • why does it matter?
  • a model of stress
  • demands, resources, and the intersection of the two
  • perceptions and assumptions
  • how you think — the most important ingredient
  • priorities and commitments
  • Martha Stewart!
  • play and work
  • managing burnout in the workplace


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