A Cairn Terrier and a Norwich Terrier are occasional visitors to our offices. Brodie, our dark, brindle Cairn, is very sweet but quite shy and usually stays in the background.  Demi, who joined us in 2016, has more of a puppy’s eagerness and may greet you at the door. These terriers are low-shedding dogs, and people with allergies generally do not have a problem with their presence in the building.  They not spend time in the consulting rooms so client spaces are kept dog-free.

Although the terriers are not in the office most of the time, please tell us if you are allergic and we will keep Brodie and Demi away from you.

Dislike Dogs?

Please tell us if you are not completely comfortable with dogs, and we will ensure Brodie and Demi are not present for your visit.
Many clients remember with affection our boisterous Sebastien, who died in July 2015.  We haven’t the heart to remove the photos of this beloved boy from our site.