With nine doctoral psychologists, we have specialists in most areas of counselling and therapy and assessment for adolescents and adults. All our psychologists are registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology. If you do not see the specialty you are seeking here, please call us for more information.

Dr. Myles Genest
Dr. Richard MacGillivray

Dr. Beverly Butler
Dr. Heather MacLatchy
Dr. Marc Woods
Dr. Connie Wanlin
Dr. Frank Fedde
Dr. Hayley Ellwood
Dr. Elizabeth Church
Ms. Sharon Genest
Ms. Shirley Gallant

Myles Genest, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. Myles Genest (Registration #R0263) has ceased offering therapy, and now focuses solely on assessments. This description of his approach to working with couples remains useful for couples considering embarking on therapy.

He provides personality, forensic, posttraumatic stress (PTSD), and disability assessments for individuals, insurers and the courts. His research, writing, and extensive experience with assessments leads to work as an expert for legal, medical, insurance and rehabilitation purposes. Dr. Genest has carried out assessments for clients in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Alberta and has testified as an expert witness in psychological assessment in Family and Supreme courts in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. He has extensive experience assessing the long-term impact of physical and sexual abuse related to civil law suits, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Dr. Genest is one of the pioneers in the psychological assessment and treatment of pain and other health-related problems. He is co-author of the text, Pain and Behavioural Medicine, which is widely cited as a classic in the field. The author of numerous chapters, papers, and books concerned with therapy and assessment, Dr. Genest is sought as a consultant by other health professionals.

Dr. Genest has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Waterloo. He was Professor and Head of the Psychology Department at Acadia University from 1992 to 2000. Prior to that, he taught at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. He served as President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia and Chair of the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology and is Vice-President of the Canadian Register of Health Providers in Psychology.

Dr. Genest has offered clinical and consulting services to individuals and corporate clients since 1982. Dr. Genest is listed in the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists (#3069).

Dr. Genest’s CV is available for download in PDF.

Richard MacGillivray, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. MacGillivray (Registration #R0226) specializes in individual cognitive-behavioural therapy, schema therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy for adults with generaCV oislized anxiety, social anxiety, hypochondriasis, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, depression, adjustment disorders and personality disorders. He also provides pain management training.

Dr. MacGillivray provides adult psychological assessment services, including psychodiagnostic and personality assessment, assessment of career and vocational aptitude and interest, and behavioural assessments directed at specific emotional or behavioural problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger/violence, shyness, substance abuse and chronic pain. He also offers psychological testing services related to the assessment of intelligence, memory, school achievement and mental status.

Dr. MacGillivray has experience with assessment and psychotherapy with members of the clergy, armed services and police forces. He has experience in expert testimony and has been qualified as an expert in PTSD by the Supreme Courts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Dr. MacGillivray has also had experience in the evaluation and remediation of community organizational problems, particularly in health-care and employee-assistance environments. These services are offered on an individual, contractual basis.

Dr. MacGillivray is the former president of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia and Chairman of the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology. He is active in committee work for NSBEP and has recently taught a graduate course in professional ethics in the school psychology program at Mount Saint Vincent University. He is licensed to practice as a psychologist in the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Dr.MacGillivray’s curriculum vitae is available for download in PDF.

Beverly Butler, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. Beverly Butler, Psychologist (Registration #R0592) holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie University, where her major areas of concentration were in Clinical Neuropsychology and Health Psychology.  Areas of particular clinical interest include neuropsychological assessment and treatment of adults experiencing cognitive difficulties, behavioural changes, and/or emotional distress after stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological or medical conditions.

She has been very active in recent years researching attention difficulties after right-hemisphere stroke and remains committed to researching cognition after acquired brain injuries.

Dr. Butler’s curriculum vitae is available for download in PDF

Heather MacLatchy, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. Heather MacLatchy is a registered psychologist in Nova Scotia (R#0469), who holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie University. Dr. MacLatchy specializes in an adolescent population (aged 12-19 years) with chronic, severe and complex mental health histories. She is able to work closely with multi-disciplinary teams, other health care providers and outside agencies (e.g., community services, schools). Her primary areas of interest include the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, self-esteem issues, behavioural difficulties, anger management, parenting and school refusal. Cognitive-behavioural strategies are employed to help teens and their parents learn new ways to manage life stress and improve the overall quality of their lives.

For the past several years, she has been providing services at the IWK Health Centre, working with children, adolescents and adults with a broad range of mental health difficulties, family issues and life challenges. Currently, she divides her time between her private practice at Genest MacGillivray Psychologists and her work at the IWK Adolescent Day Treatment Service, where she is Team Leader in providing services for children, adolescents and their families.

Dr. MacLatchy’s curriculum vitae is available for download in PDF.

Marc Woods, Ph.D, Psychologist

Dr. Marc Woods (Registration #R0670), originally from Newfoundland, completed his Master’s (1997-1999) and Doctoral (2001-2005) training in clinical psychology at the University of Regina. He provides assessment and treatment for adults and late adolescents experiencing a wide range of difficulties, including but not limited to such problems as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties, anger management, grief, acceptance, sexual and intimacy issues and behavioural problems (See his suggested 8 strategies for motivating yourself). He has particular expertise in assessing and providing psychological treatment for people with pain and health problems. He has worked with members of the military and police force. He also played basketball with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s varsity team, and his research and clinical interests reflect his background in athletics.

Dr. Woods has clinical experience working in a variety of settings, including private practice, interdisciplinary health teams, in-patient psychiatric care, hospital settings, and university counselling centres. He provided services for five years at the Chronic Pain Centre in Saskatoon and prior to moving to Halifax, was an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Woods has extensive training and experience using multiple therapy approaches, including cognitive behavioural, acceptance based, humanistic, interpersonal and emotion-focused. He practices therapy with a collaborative and client-centred focus that is holistic and solution-oriented. Practically speaking, this involves engaging the client actively and meaningfully in the therapy process (e.g., setting goals, identifying the focus in session). He will also use whichever therapy approach/tools best serve the client.

Dr. Woods’s CV is available for download in pdf format.

Connie Wanlin, Ed.D., Psychologist

Dr. Wanlin is a Registered Psychologist, who has practised in Nova Scotia and British Columbia (Nova Scotia R# 710; B.C. registration 1491).  She has extensive training in the area of sport, exercise, and health psychology.  Dr. Wanlin provides services to address a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues – women’s issues (postpartum depression, birth trauma, health issues, body image, and disordered eating), parenting challenges, relationship and couples therapy, family therapy, personal growth, self-esteem, grief counseling, health issues (chronic illness, terminal illness, chronic pain, traumatic injury, disability), stress (family, workplace), lifestyle change (exercise adherence, smoking cessation, weight management, procrastination), depression and anxiety.

Dr. Wanlin completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Manitoba.  She then completed a second Masters in Counseling and a Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology with additional training in Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University.  Her training was grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy; she also incorporates developmental and systems approaches.  She has specialized training in hypnosis, EMDR, Gottman Couples Therapy, and has completed an intensive course in the Developmental Attachment Approach to dealing with parenting/family/child issues.

Dr. Wanlin has practiced in a variety of settings, including private practice, employee assistance programs, in-patient psychiatric, medical rehabilitation/pain clinic and community counseling centres.

Dr. Wanlin takes a holistic, solution-focused approach to therapy.  She understands that beginning the therapeutic process can be daunting and she hopes to reassure clients that this is a healthy, conscious, proactive step towards life change.  She works collaboratively and compassionately with clients to reach their therapeutic goals.

Dr. Wanlin’s CV is available for download in pdf.

Frank Fedde, Ph. D.

Dr. Fedde has a special interest in Chronic Pain, PTSD & Anxiety, Burn-out & Stress Coping, Hypnosis, Sleep Management, Procrastination, and treatment-resistant Depression. He treats Adults, Families, Children, and Couples.

Dr. Frank Fedde (NS#R0903, BC#2162) has been specializing in the treatment of Chronic Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression for the past 10 years. Dr. Fedde was Senior Psychologist at the Canadian Back Institute in Surrey (BC) and Chief Psychologist at the Centre for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, and Pain Treatment in Tutzing, Germany. In this capacity, he has treated clients after severe workplace injuries and head trauma. Dr. Fedde offers EMDR, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and has extensive experience treating fire fighters, police officers, prison guards, and assault victims. Dr. Fedde recognizes the immense psychological demands that first responders and trauma victims suffer and tries to provide each client with the most effective preventative and therapeutic interventions to help reduce symptoms.

As one of only few therapists in Canada, Dr. Fedde also practices Coherence Therapy (CT)), which can be offered to individuals, families, and couples. Dr. Fedde was trained by CT Founder Bruce Ecker and CT Institute Co-director Dr. Sara Bridges over 10 years ago and has refined his therapeutic skills ever since. Coherence Therapy focuses on guiding clients to become aware of unconscious and symptoms-requiring meaning structures, which were formed as a way to cope with traumatic incidents earlier in life. As meaning structures change through Coherence Therapy treatment, symptom relief can be surprisingly swift and lasting, even with persistent problems such as lifelong depression, procrastination, anxiety, and anger.

Dr. Fedde also enjoys the unique energy of helping Children age 11+, Teens, Students, and Young Adults reach their full potential. Whether problems arise at home, in school or with friends, his goal is to function as an ally to the family by facilitating communication, bundling resources, and guiding parenting to fit the individual needs of the child. By working for major pediatric university clinics and hospitals in the US and Germany, he gained over 15 years of assessment and treatment experience in helping children who suffer from various behavioral and emotional concerns.

Dr. Fedde started his clinical and research career in 1999 at the Catholic University of Eichstaett (Germany), finishing with a Graduate Degree in Intercultural Social Work. After being awarded the Fulbright Fellowship by the US State Department and the German Foreign Ministry, he moved to Portland (USA) to complete his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Lewis & Clark. In 2006, now a doctoral student at the University of Memphis, he was awarded the Graduate Student Research Award and graduated in 2009 with a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Since then, he has been invited to speak on chronic pain and workplace injury treatment at national and international conferences. In an effort to lend his expertise to the improvement of public safety, he served from 2016-19 on the BC Ministry of Public Safety Driver Fitness Advisory Council.

Dr. Fedde works in English and German.

Dr. Fedde’s CV in pdf for download.

Hayley Ellwood, Psy. D.

Dr. Hayley Ellwood (NS# C10840), who is originally from Nova Scotia, undertook her doctoral work at Adler University’s clinical doctoral program in Vancouver, and her doctoral residency at Sam Houston State University in Texas. Hayley works therapeutically with diverse individuals and presentations, including adults with persistent interpersonal challenges in the workplace, young adults struggling with addiction and trauma effects, and youth experiencing mood and anxiety disorders.

Hayley provides evidence-based, short and long-term treatment for adults facing the challenges of Generalized Anxiety, Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and other conditions. Hayley also works with couples to address issues related to intimacy, trust, and communication, and she has acted as primary supervisor for the clinical training of students from Sam Houston State University’s Masters in Clinical Psychology program. Her experiences training in both Vancouver, BC and Huntsville, Texas have provided her the privilege of working with individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and worldviews.

Hayley finds it rewarding to provide her clients with the skills and flexibility to make meaningful change, and values her role as both a source of support and necessary challenge. She uses an integration of cognitive-behavioural and acceptance-based interventions that allows her to adjust her approach to one that best meets the needs of her clients. Hayley is currently booking individuals, couples, and youth aged 16+.

Her CV is available for download in pdf.

Elizabeth Church, Ph. D.

Dr Elizabeth Church is a registered psychologist in Nova Scotia (#R0457) and a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association. She recently returned to clinical practice after having been Vice-President Academic and Provost at Mount Saint Vincent University where she is Professor in the Faculty of Education.

Dr Church began practicing clinically in 1987 in Newfoundland. She works individually with adolescents and adults and with couples to address issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, abuse, trauma, relationship problems, 2SLGBTQ+, loss and grief, sexuality and gender, adoption, parenting, separation and divorce, stress, anger management, and women’s mental health.

In therapy, she starts by developing a collaborative relationship with clients and identifying their needs, preferences, and goals for therapy. She uses an integrative approach, drawing on a wide range of evidenced-based therapeutic tools and approaches that are tailored to the individual client. Dr Church has extensive experience and expertise in helping clients work through life transitions, including divorce, re-partnering, stepfamilies, parenting, and loss.

In addition to her practice, Dr Church has written Understanding Stepmothers (Harper Collins, 2004) which was widely reviewed and read, and she was a monthly columnist on parenting issues in Canadian Living magazine. She was previously Coordinator of the School Psychology program at Mount Saint Vincent and Training Director of the Doctoral Internship in Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Dr Church has also been actively involved in community and professional service, including as the current Board Chair at Phoenix Youth, and as a Board member and Chair of the Education and Training Committee for the Canadian Psychological Association, Coordinator of the Section on Women and Psychology, and a member of the Investigations Committee with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology. Her CV can be found here.

Dr Church is in part-time practice with GPS.

Sharon Genest, B.I.S., Practice Manager

Since completing a Bachelor of Independent Studies degree at the University of Waterloo, Ms. Genest has pursued a range of research, treatment, and business development projects. She has worked extensively in developing and executing research with a variety of populations, including prenatal groups and patients suffering from pain, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. She is the co-author of the book, Psychology and Health. Ms. Genest brings over 30 years of experience in administration and planning to our therapy clients and consultations with corporate clients and insurers.

Shirley Gallant, B.A., B. Com., Office Manager

Shirley Gallant, our Office Manager, is described by clients as kind and friendly.  Shirley has  Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degrees from St. Mary’s university and comes to us from a rich health care background.  She has operated her own successful business and served as a case manager and claims specialist for health care insurers for many years.

You will find Shirley at the end of your telephone when you call, as the receiver of your emails, and at our front desk when you arrive.  Both can be counted on for knowledgeable and sensitive assistance and for ensuring that people are well-matched with the most appropriate psychologists.

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