Frank Fedde, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. Fedde has a special interest in Couple & Marital Relationships, Chronic Pain, PTSD & Anxiety, Burn-out & Stress Coping, Sleep Management, Procrastination, and treatment-resistant Depression. He offers treatment for Adults, Families, Children, and Couples in both English and German.

Dr. Frank Fedde (NS#R0903) has been specializing in the treatment of Chronic Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression for the past 13 years. Dr. Fedde was Senior Psychologist at the Canadian Back Institute in Surrey (BC) and Chief Psychologist at the Centre for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, and Pain Treatment in Tutzing, Germany. In this capacity, he has treated clients after severe workplace injuries and head trauma. Dr. Fedde offers EMDR, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and has extensive experience treating fire fighters, police officers, prison guards, and assault victims.

As one of only a few such therapists in Canada, Dr. Fedde also practices Coherence Therapy (CT), which can be offered to individuals, families, and couples. Dr. Fedde was trained by CT Founder Bruce Ecker and CT Institute Co-director Dr. Sara Bridges over 10 years ago and has refined his therapeutic skills ever since. Coherence Therapy focuses on guiding clients to become aware of unconscious and symptoms-requiring meaning structures, which were formed as a way to cope with traumatic incidents earlier in life. As meaning structures change through Coherence Therapy treatment, symptom relief can be surprisingly swift and lasting, even with persistent problems such as lifelong depression, procrastination, anxiety, and anger.

Dr. Fedde is trained in Gottman Therapy for Couples, which focuses on moving from gridlock to dialogue on perpetual areas of conflict in relationships. Gottman therapy is one of the most evidence-based treatment methods for marital problems to date.

Dr. Fedde also enjoys the unique energy of helping Children age 11+, Teens, Students, and Young Adults reach their full potential. Whether problems arise at home, in school or with friends, his goal is to function as an ally to the family by facilitating communication, bundling resources, and guiding parenting to fit the individual needs of the child. By working for major pediatric university clinics and hospitals in the US and Germany, he gained over 15 years of assessment and treatment experience in helping children who suffer from various behavioural and emotional concerns.

Dr. Fedde started his clinical and research career in 1999 at the Catholic University of Eichstaett (Germany), finishing with a Graduate Degree in Intercultural Social Work. After being awarded the Fulbright Fellowship by the US State Department and the German Foreign Ministry, he moved to Portland (USA) to complete his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Lewis & Clark. In 2006, now a doctoral student at the University of Memphis, he was awarded the Graduate Student Research Award and graduated in 2009 with a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Since then, he has been invited to speak on chronic pain and workplace injury treatment at national and international conferences. In an effort to lend his expertise to the improvement of public safety, he served from 2016-19 on the BC Ministry of Public Safety Driver Fitness Advisory Council.

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