Marc Woods, PhD, Psychologist

Dr. Marc Woods (Registration #R0670), originally from Newfoundland, completed his Master’s (1997-1999) and Doctoral (2001-2005) training in clinical psychology at the University of Regina. He provides assessment and treatment for adults and late adolescents experiencing a wide range of difficulties, including but not limited to such problems as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties, anger management, grief, acceptance, sexual and intimacy issues and behavioural problems (See Motivating Yourself: 8 Simple Strategies). He has particular expertise in assessing and providing psychological treatment for people with pain and health problems and he also frequently works with members of the military, RCMP and Halifax Regional Police. His research and clinical interests also reflect his background in athletics (he played basketball with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s varsity team).

Dr. Woods has clinical experience working in a variety of settings, including private practice, interdisciplinary health teams, in-patient psychiatric care, hospital settings, and university counselling centres. He provided services for five years at the Chronic Pain Centre in Saskatoon and prior to moving to Halifax, was an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Woods has extensive training and experience using multiple therapy approaches, including cognitive behavioural, acceptance based, humanistic, interpersonal and emotion-focused. He practices therapy with a collaborative and client-centred focus that is holistic and solution-oriented. Practically speaking, this involves engaging the client actively and meaningfully in the therapy process (e.g., setting goals, identifying the focus in session, problem solving). He will also use the therapy approach/tools that best serve the client.